Welcome to the Tsankov Lab
Our lab’s overall vision is to use genomics to build data-driven, predictive models that improve diagnosis, find new drug-able pathways, and personalize treatment of patients with lung cancer and respiratory diseases. We profile clinical samples from patients using next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies (e.g. single-cell transcriptomic, epigenomic, and spatial data) with the goal of unraveling the underlying regulatory mechanisms in normal lung tissue homeostasis and lung disease. Of particular interest is how the interactions of the lung epithelium with the immune and stromal microenvironment change between normal and diseased individuals.
New lab members have the option of being cross-trained to apply and develop computational frameworks and experimental techniques for high-dimensional, NGS datasets. The vibrant, multidisciplinary training environment will allow for learning the state-of-the-art in single cell genomics analysis/technologies and for close interactions with clinical scientists and our collaborators at Mount Sinai, the Broad Institute, and Harvard Medical school.
Recent News
  • We are looking for motivated individuals at all levels to join the team (job postings: Computational | Experimental ; more details here )
  • Our collaboration with the Tsankova lab on human glioblastoma which showed that TEAD1 plays a key role in cancer cell migration will appear in the October issue of Nature Communications.
  • The ionocyte paper is in the August issue of Nature ! We confirmed that the human CFTR gene that was thought to act in ciliated cells for 30 years of cystic fibrosis research is actually a marker of the previously undetected ionocytes in the lung--the powers of single cell technology!
Alex Tsankov
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